What to do in an emergency?

The most important thing to handle an emergency is first of all, KEEP CALM.

Make sure you know exactly where you are. Speak slowly and clearly.

The dispatcher of the plant that speaks with you, will speak calmly, do not be alarmed, the person is trained to stay calm, in order to provide the best possible help in handling the situation.

Before E.M.S. Life Care arrives

Turn on the lights of your house porch and all the lights you can, especially if is dark, if you can send someone to a main street, this will help our ambulance identify the address quickly and clearly.

If the emergency is in a vehicle, turn on the hazzard lights, the more lights you have lit, the easier it will be to locate it. 

If there is furniture that obstructs the free passage of emergency personnel and equipment, please move them if possible to have a free way to where the person who needs assistance is.

If there are dogs in the house, please tie them up to have a safe work area.

When E.M.S. Life Care arrives

Stay calm and be prepared to answer questions related to the patient’s condition. If you have written instructions or specific instructions from the attending physician or from the clinic, hospital or medical service relating to the patient, please have it at hand.

Once E.M.S. Life Care is gone

Before leaving your home, make all the necessary phone calls, gather your things and drive to the medical center of the transfer.
If you are not in a good emotional state, please do not drive, ask someone to drive you or drive for you, the most important thing is that your trip is safe so you can be with your loved one.