E.M.S. Life Care was founded June 2001, we are the first private ambulance company specializing in critical patient transfers in Chile. Since our beginnings to the date we have made more than 66,000 successful procedures, being a reference for many other companies that now exist in the country.

    Our ambulances are vehicles designed and equipped with everything necessary to perform from a basic to a high complexity transfer




Our Team:

      Doctors, Nurses, Drivers and Paramedical Technicians, are highly qualified and trained to carry out in a professional and safe way any type of procedure that the patient may require on board our ambulances.


Professionals in training.




Professionals in Service.

     The international scientific community uses only three letters to speak in one language when referring to emergency and emergency services, E.M.S. , which is short for Emergency Medical Services, which encompasses the professionals who provide emergency services, such as doctors, nurses, paramedics, emergency technicians, health transport, basic life support and advanced life support.

     We have the best professionals in their areas to provide the best transport service in the market, for us it is an honor to carry the acronym E.M.S. and also a commitment. Thank you for choosing us.